Who We Are

The word ‘Bizweni’ comes from the Zulu word ‘mbizo’, which means ‘the king calls’. ‘Bizweni’ therefore means, “called to a place of meeting by the King” or more simply put, ‘Place of Meeting’.

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The Word

In Life-Union With The God Who Is Love (The power of agreement)

Series: Agreement First Love God Is Love

Sun, May 12th 2019

Speaker: Kobus Swart

Coming into agreement with the God who is LOVE.


Greater Works Than These…! (Eating from the Tree of LIFE)

Series: Knowledge New Era The Tower of Babel

Sun, May 5th 2019

Speaker: Kobus Swart

The fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil are both not good. It is the wrong tree!


All Scripture Is The Full Counsel Of God

Sun, Apr 28th 2019

Speaker: Johan Esterhuizen

The ancient paths are not old fashioned, but they are the established and perpetual ways of God


Our Community


Offices open weekdays, 9am-1:30pm

Kingdom Kids

Dynamic children's ministry every Sunday

Youth Ministry

Bizweni hall every Friday, 7:30pm

Our Blog

Steve Swart Visit (ACDP, Cape Town Parliament)

Tue, Jan 29th 2019

It is time for change! It is time for the righteous to take up their positions in places of authority.


Celebrating the women of Bizweni in 2018

Sat, Dec 29th 2018

Our greatest event this past year, was our Women’s day in August where women of 3 local churches came together to celebrate Women’s day.


Towards The Final Unveiling by Kobus Swart

Thu, Dec 27th 2018

The years approaching 2000 were filled with prophecy of catastrophic events and the imminent return of King Jesus, none of which happened as the calendar changed. The lack of substance to these declarations has left many people cynical about the church’s stated confidence in the coming Kingdom of God.