Lets Learn from the Future

Samuel Festus

Joshua 14 : 7 – 14; Deut 1: 22-38; John 17 :21-23

This Household ‘ Bizweni’ is moving toward the future that God has mapped out for us. It’s our destiny to be here.  We are the fruit of this house. For those of us who have connected to the father of this house, you either know your place as a son or you are beginning to discover it.

12 men from Israel were sent to look at the promised land and report back their experiences. Ten of these men’s reports made the hearts of the people melt with fear, their reports were negative. They believed in their heart that God brought them to the promised- land to die. Their hearts were not aligned to what God said. God promised that he would take them into the Promised Land, and it is God’s responsibility to keep His promise. It took them 40 years to reach the Promised Land due to their choices.

There were two men, Joshua and Caleb, who saw what the 10 spies saw. However their report was based on what was in their heart. The word that they had was that God was well able to take them in. The giants and all the issues with the Promised Land were very real, but they knew their God.

The 10 reported that it was a good land. Even though their hearts were not connected they recognized it was a good land. So what God has promised for the future is good. The fruit that is coming out of that future is blessing me right now. These men were grumbling in their tents. The sound of their words made God angry. God was and always had been their proven provision. It is in the interpretation of the future that they misled themselves and angered God. Caleb saw the future through what God had done and had promised and not on what he was looking at.

‘The LORD your God who goes before you will Himself fight on your behalf” God has gone out before us and acted on our behalf. The Israelites were very clear on what God had done to date yet they did not trust God to take them in. Caleb followed God fully and reported on what was in his heart. He trusted in God to take them in.

The future is ours. Wherever we put our feet is ours says the Lord. We are setting up the Kingdom of God in the earth that will be different to the kingdom of this world. We talking about every facet of society that we must influence. The world will know the difference by our unity with the Father and with the body. We are in the earth to make a difference.

The world is in a mess because we are not the influence we should be. We must live out the Kingdom right there where we are in our homes, work place and schools. This is the future.

We have been designed for the future, and must be the difference in the earth. Do not be afraid to share what you have in you heart. We need to search God through his living word to find out what our role is in establishing the Kingdom in our area of influence. Get involved with people that can help you to learn from the future, the people that are moving forward. People whose hearts have been changed by the word of God. We need to be connected people so that we can draw from the future and not be dragged down by the past.