The Remnant

Series : Visiting Speakers, Towards the Full Corporate Stature

Sun 9 August 2009 – Frans du Plessis

2 Cor. 5:15-17; Gen. 22:15-17; (Gal. 3:16)

An ambassador is a representative; he has given up his rights – including the right to his own opinion. Jesus said, “I don’t do anything unless I see my Father do it.” (John5: 19)

This apostolic season is not about a hierarchy, or titles. It is about giving up our lives to see Christ formed in a people. The task of this season is to bring Christ, who is planted in us as a seed, to full stature. It is to see Christ – this glorious representation of God Almighty – formed within the Corporate Man, a corporate Body.

David was a man after God’s heart; he didn’t have to build a house. The New Testament says he could not build God a house because he found grace. When you find grace, you can never build something else outside of you because you become the very building. You become the very life of God almighty, manifested in a human being in the earth, and Christ is being formed within you, not only individually but corporately. Christ is being formed within a people. People are not looking for a religion, but to a person called the Lord Jesus Christ, who is present within His people.

How will we do this if mass evangelistic crusades didn’t do it? One-on-one will see this world changed. All He needs is a remnant. If He can find an original, He can put a law into practice that we have not yet seen on the earth. Gen. 22: 15-17: God’s promise to Abraham was to multiply the Seed. The word “descendants” is never plural in the Hebrew, it’s singular. “Descendants” is the word for “seed”. The seed is always singular because what the angel was talking about was not the Jews, he was talking about Christ. “Your seed will become like the stars.” That promised Seed of Abraham will be multiplied. That Seed is Christ, and those who are in Christ are the descendants of Abraham.

That is why John the Baptist told the Pharisees and Sadducees to bear the fruit of repentance, and not to claim that they were the seed of Abraham. (Matt. 3:7-10) Those who claimed that they were the seed of Abraham, were told by Jesus, “You serpents, you brood of vipers…!” (Matt. 23:31-33; see also John 8:31-44). Paul takes it further: he explains that not everyone who is circumcised is the seed. Not everybody who is Israel is true Israel, because in the Seed one can be called the true Israel. (Rom. 2:28-29). In the Seed those who are circumcised in heart are the descendants of Abraham. The descendants are a spiritual Seed which is Christ.

There is a power in multiplication that we have not seen in the world. The blessing of Abraham is “with multiplying I will multiply you.” AIDS is an example. People are infected secretly, they are not even aware of it. It only spreads where there is blood, when life fluids flow, infection takes place. Likewise, when you are willing to give up your self-life, when your life becomes a living sacrifice, and your life flows out, intimacy takes place; people are infected. That is what we have been called to. Don’t feel that what you do doesn’t have impact. What about the thousands around us? Don’t worry about them; just “infect” the one you are busy with. Touch them with the life of God. It will touch the very spirit of that person and that will change the person for ever. We cannot preach information anymore; we have to bring impartation; when spirit connects to spirit and deep calls to deep. We do not speak a dead letter but we speak a living Word. I must be able to impart the life of God into their hearts, because we are carriers of the divine nature of God. We carry his DNA and that is when multiplication takes place. We will not see this multiplication unless God can find a remnant. When you multiply, you get more of the exact same thing. A remnant means that which remains. God wants something to remain – that which is pure.

God is after a root, the root of David. Christ is the original Seed. The remnant is not the “144,000”; it is not a special elect. It’s not an exclusive thing, it is a representative thing. This remnant has nothing to do with exclusivity, it has to do with representation. This is what this whole season is about, raising a remnant, removing everything that does not look like Him. God, by His Word, and by father ministries, is chiseling into our lives, and everything that does not look like Christ it taken out, so that what is left, the remnant in my life, must accurately represent Him. God says, “If I can find one, I can save a city.” He’s not talking about the number 1, but one who accurately represents Him. We are not going to do it with mass crusades in stadiums with 2 or 3 thousand people who do not look like Him.

Gideon brings a huge army together of 32,000, but God wants only the remnant. He makes the fearful go home. Then He says, “Watch the way they handle the Word, watch them drink” and as they drank there were only 300 remaining. That’s the principle of the remnant; it was less than 1%. God defeats the enemy with an accurate representation. God ruled all of Babylon through 3 Hebrew boys and Daniel. It’s an apostolic principle. They said they would not defile themselves with the food of the religious system. They were wiser, more intelligent and were all appointed. Daniel ruled a whole foreign government system because there was nothing in Daniel that didn’t look like God.

God is looking for a remnant. It doesn’t have to be big in numbers, but when God finds it, He will accelerate it in the earth like we have never seen before. Let the wheat and the tares grow together. He will sort them out in the harvest. In the time of the harvest He will send out his messengers (sent ones(, apostolic people, who will make a separation between that which is true and which is counterfeit.

God is looking for a people who represents Him accurately. Christ is what God is looking for in the earth, Christ formed in a people. When God finds that people, God will put the power of multiplication to work, and we will see nations and the world touched and filled with the glory of God.