Let The Truth Of Who You Are Define You

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Series: Christ in us

Sun 20 March 2011 – Kobus Swart

Prov. 23:7; Matt. 20:1-15; 2 Cor. 5:16

God never called me to run the race by myself; I am not individualistic in that sense. I have committed myself to be a corporate man. I have this prayer before the Lord for a corporate baptism.

Rivers of Living Water will flow from our innermost beings but there is something that must still happen, similar to the events in Acts 2, where there was a sovereign immersion of a corporate group that were immersed in the Spirit of God. When they came out of that experience they became world changers.

We have allowed other people and the accuser of the brethren to define us. We have allowed sin consciousness to rule our thoughts and affect our prayers. We should be defined by the finished works of Jesus and by the truth of the word. The way I see myself has a tremendous influence on the way I live and what I will receive or not receive as criticism from others. The accuser of the brethren wants to make you feel negative about yourself, so in the process he actually tries to define you. We have grown up with the lie of the accuser of the brethren. Christians have eagerly helped and many believers became channels, giving Satan a voice to accuse you and me. The Living Word is meant to tell us who we really are, where we are from, our lineage, our origin and our genesis. We must go back to our genesis, the original gene pool from which we originated. It is time for us to live this truth. Adam and Eve had no sin consciousness; they had a wonderful creative life. This was a picture of what God has in mind for us. Satan succeeded in imposing upon mankind another idea of who we are. We have allowed ourselves to be defined by another mindset and so we labour against something while the truth should set us free of all the perceptions and definitions laid upon us by the accuser.

This is what the Living Word is all about, to unlock people, to connect them to their origin so that they can truly be a new creation. What is truer? What we say about ourselves and what other people say about us, or what God says we are?

Wherefore we henceforth know no man after the flesh: even though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet now we know him so no more (2 Cor. 5:16). We need to view each other as that new creation. Let us not give the accuser a voice. Let us see each other as a new creation connecting with our original DNA. We are made in the image of God.

Lord help us to reconnect with who I am called to be, because “as a man thinks in his heart so is he”. We are still waiting for a sign or an experience to change us, and we are therefore being robbed by religion of the investment that is in us. We have eternity in our hearts; we still carry His image inside. God is waiting for us to play the universal creative game with Him. We have been created in the image of the Father, the Holy Spirit and the Son.