Finding Your Calling As A Born-Again Believer

Sun am 8 April 2018 – Johan Esterhuizen

1 Pet. 1:23; 1 Pet. 1:22-25 (The Message); (2 Pet. 1:4) John 3:6; Rev. 11:15; Isa. 2:2-3; Rev. 5:12; Deut. 7:1-2; Ps. 2:8; Ps. 22:28; Ps. 47:1-3; (Phil. 1:21)

I want to touch on being born again and then how God is using believers in astounding ways in these last days. You have to know that God has a plan for your life. You are not just here by chance but you have to discover it. Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the Word of God which lives and abides forever (1 Pet. 1:23). The seed is the basic unit of life, it produces the species. An apple seed has an apple tree within it. Only the Father God creates life but man makes things from the earth. God the Father is the Creator and giver of life. Now that you’ve cleaned up your lives by following the truth, love one another as if your lives depended on it. Your new life is not like your old life. Your old birth came from mortal sperm; your new birth comes from God’s living Word. Just think: a life conceived by God himself! That’s why the prophet said, The old life is a grass life, its beauty as short-lived as wildflowers; Grass dries up, flowers droop, God’sWord goes on and on forever. This is the Word that conceived the new life in you (1 Pet. 1:22-25- MSG). The Strong’s Concordance uses the word ‘sperm’ for the incorruptible seed. We are truly children of God! We are partakers of divine nature (2 Pet. 1:4). In the discourse when Nicodemus came to Jesus at night, Jesus said to him. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit (John 3:6). God’s Spirit gives birth to spirit (small s). You cannot be born a Christian; you are born into the world but you have to be born again. We preach the kingdom message but before you can understand it, you have to be born again. Everybody here has been born but has everybody been born again? Before we believe that we are really born of God, what is going to happen in the process? Living for Christ, born again by the Spirit of God; flesh gave birth to flesh but Spirit gave birth to spirit.

In 1975, something very significant happened Bill Bright the founder of Campus Crusade and Loren Cunningham of YWAM were both given a revelation simultaneously. They got so excited they came together to share what God had shown them. The more they spoke, the more they saw the similarities of what God has shown them separately. They began to realise that God was showing them areas that are shaping and influencing society and nations today. They called them the ‘Seven Mountains of influence’. Many authors took this revelation and laid it out. Many authors are showing people how to find their area of influence, how to find their career choice to make sure that they become effective in the calling that God has placed upon their life.

These are the seven areas of influence based on the Scriptures.

  1. The religious mountain. The gospel of the Kingdom should be preached to all the mountains and the Lord wants us to teach to all the mountains but in the religious mountain there are other religions and Christianity is losing ground.
  2. Then the second is the family mountain. The family is a powerful shaper of culture. Mothers and fathers install values into their children.
  3. Then the education mountain is a very powerful and very influential mountain.
  4. The government mountain, politics rule the nations.
  5. The arts mountain, celebration, creation, movie, music, sports, this is a powerful influence.
  6. The media mountain, manipulation and control. It is amazing how the media has grown.
  7. The business mountain and economics has such a profound effect and we have seen it in our nation.

There is coming a time when the Church is rightfully going to enter into these mountains and gain and regain and take charge and take control (Rev. 11:15; Isa. 2:2-3). Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing (Rev. 5:12). All authority has been given to Jesus. Power speaks of the government; riches speak of economy, wisdom speaks of education, strength speaks of the family, honour speaks of religion, glory speaks of celebration, blessing speaks of the media. God has a place for everybody in the mountain where He called them.

When Joshua and Caleb were commissioned to take Canaan, there were seven nations and when they analysed the meaning of these names it stands for the seven mountains. Israel never truly conquered the Promised Land as they should have. When the Lord your God brings you into the land where you are entering to possess it, and clears away many nations before you, the Hittites and the Girgashites and the Amorites and the Canaanites and the Perizzites and the Hivites and the Jebusites, seven nations greater and stronger than you, and when the Lord your God delivers them before you and you defeat them, then you shall utterly destroy them (Deut. 7:1-2). The Lord said those nations were stronger and more powerful than they were. But the Lord said, “You must go and possess the Land, I will conquer”. We must possess the land. It is obvious that we have lost ground but are we going to retake it? We have to raise the standard! The time has come that we are willing to address these issues and if need be, from the pulpit.

If you look at the education mountain, in 1635 a Puritan minister by the name of John Cotton established the first public school in America. All public schools after that had Pastors as Principals because they believed in order for education to take its rightful role people must understand the Word of God and know what God expects of them. In 1636, John Harvard founded the Harvard University, the University of Yale was founded in 1701 by ten congregation ministers, the list carries on when you start reading about the history of education; how it was founded by Christian fathers. Today in America 80% of all lecturers are liberal, 15% are conservative. We see this tendency growing in our nation.

The business mountain, William Colgate was born in 1783 the eldest of 5 brothers he came to America at the age of 12. At the age of 16, William left home carrying his meager possession with him because his father could not support him. All he could do was to make candles and soap. An old canal boat captain  laid hands on him and prayed for wisdom and understanding and told him, “There is going to be a master soap and candle maker in America, why should it not be you?” The story goes on that William became a multimillionaire and tithed and gave of his resources. He established the Colgate University and helped many people. The list goes one with people that have taken the seven mountains. We have a programme where there are over 30 people in this day and age that have taken the Christian mandate of doing business and ousting the Babylonian system. We are seeing tremendous things happening. Revelation is coming to the body of Christ on government; on how to run families, how to conduct church life, on how to do media. We are going to climb these mountains and take authority. Ask of Me, and I will surely give the nations as Your inheritance, And the very ends of the earth as Your possession (Ps. 2:8). We have to ask God for the nations. Where you find yourself is where God has called you! You better find God’s plan and purpose for where He calls you and make a difference. We must become the solution; we must become the peer pressure! We must start to guide the nations in the way they should go. We have to train and equip (Ps. 22:28). O clap your hands, all peoples; Shout to God with the voice of joy. For the Lord Most High is to be feared, A great King over all the earth. He subdues peoples under us. And nations under our feet (Ps. 47:1-3). The Church must rise with this great Gospel of the Kingdom! Preach it! Live it! For me to live is Christ but to die is gain! (Phil. 1:21). Have you truly been born-again?