My Embrace

“My Embrace started about 13 years ago when I realised how fragile the systems of this world were along with all the things we put our hope in. At the same time however, I also realised what an immense blessing it was to be able to give my whole life to Jesus, expressing my love for Him with my musical abilities.  

The world’s constant changes and the pressures of keeping up often become too much, yet in those moments we can stand and find our identity in Christ and boldly proclaim our worship to Him with all that we have. Our worship extends beyond even song and dance, reaching the entirety of our lives as we honour Him for being the reason we exist. In this world of great uncertainty, Jesus is our embrace, no matter what is going on around us. We can say in these circumstances, and in fact everyday, “I will stand today and bring your praise for Jesus you are my embrace!”

– Bazil Hanekom