Higher By Basil Hanekom

Higher¬†was written to express the words of Jesus in John 5:19-20, highlighting the urgency with which the Church needs to reflect God in the here and now. As we move in synchronicity with the Spirit of God we receive power to reveal the true nature of God’s majesty and justice. In the wake of this global pandemic, the need for clarity of vision, wisdom, and restoration with be greater than it has ever been before. It will require the church to operate from a higher level, a level deep within the Father’s heart. However, before this can be accomplished, it will require the church to surrender herself fully to the purposes and plans of God. For us to daily die to self and count the cost of our discipleship. Only in doing so can we truly become the hands and feet of Jesus, practically serving the world, and demonstrating the Father’s heart.

Basil Hanekom