Not A Fan. - Kyle Idleman

‘Jesus has defined the relationship he wants with you. He is not interested in enthusiastic admirers who practice everything in moderation and don’t get carried away. He wants completely committed followers’

With lockdown having eased to allow the majority of people to get back to some semblance of a routine, reading has, once again, taken a bit of a backseat on my list of priorities. In an attempt to ease my way back, I set off in search of some lightreading, upon which I stumbled upon Not a Fan. Though deceptively easy to read, this was anything but the ‘lightreading’ book I had in mind.  

Idleman’s very casual and accessible writing style locked me into what felt like a vibrant and flowing discussion centered around my commitment to Jesus. Before I knew it, I was being assaulted with Scriptures and personal testimonies that challenged my concept of what it meant to be a Jesus follower. Story after story brought depth and humor to the importance of being a follower of Jesus, versus simply being His fan. With careful distinction, Idleman paints a relatable picture of the life of a fan; the good intentions, the great outer appearance, and jittery commitment, and urges his readers to rather opt for the life of a follower. Those who have counted the cost of following Jesus, who don’t shy away from the difficult task of aligning their lives to His word, and those who stay committed through the good times and the bad.  

Despite being an easy-to-read book, this was by no means, lightreading. Certain pages caused my heart to pang as I read the words describing the shifty and self-seeking life of a fan, forcing me to pause and reflect. This much needed spiritual check-in has challenged me to re-establish my commitment to Jesus, not simply as a fervent admirer, but as a true follower. I highly recommend this book to anyone needing a reminder of the radical and amazing adventure God has called us to when He called us to follow Him. 

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