The End of Sin-consciousness - All Creation Is Waiting

Date: 31 October 2021

Speaker: Kobus Swart

God’s original Plan for Man is still His ultimate intention. He is looking for a Corporate Son through whom He can share Himself to all creation. Although Adam was created perfect, he still had to go through a series of moral choices – growing to maturity. Was the Fall a surprise to God? No. It did not alter His eternal Plan; but only necessitated that Redemption should be incorporated; not as an emergency measure, because it was purposed in eternity.

In order to see the full manifestation of His Plan, we have to embrace the Truth that He offered ONE sacrifice for sins for all time. The danger of “redemptive consciousness” (also known as SIN-CONSCIOUSNESS) is that it keeps you focused on your past mistakes and wrong choices, instead of standing on the Finished Works of Christ! The Fulness of Him that fills all in all will reach out through the Body to the Universe. Ultimately God will be ALL IN ALL! Let us therefore surrender to the purpose of each crisis in our lives. Those who love God, must view all experiences in the light of His purpose, which is to shape our lives into the life of His Son, who is the Head of a new humanity.