Crossing Over Into Your Destiny

Date: 13 Fenruray 2022

Speaker: Eddie O’Neill

The mother of Jesus knew for 30 years what His purpose was. His time in the carpenter’s shop was over. She knew that His time had come to act and to demonstrate the Kingdom. She waited long enough for the mighty to fall, for the poor to dance, for broken hearted and bodies to be restored. His time had come to restore lives, to deliver and heal.

You are currently hearing a frequency from the Spirit of God, beckoning you to come up higher. Come out of your old cultural religious church traditional mindsets that you are trapped in. Destiny is awaiting you. Allow the seed in you to be activated to release your God given potential. You could be trapped in past experiences, failures, fears, hopelessness, lack, inferior and negative thoughts that haunt you. Stop the excuses. Whatever He says, do it. Act on the voice of the Holy Spirit and respond. Cross the threshold and the mindset that keep you trapped. Now is your rime to be re-aligned to the present frequency released by forerunners.