Releasing A New Sound

Date: 27 February 2022

Speaker: Theo Niemand

As sons of God we are called to proclaim – broadcast or transmit His virtues, goodness, moral excellence and glorious wonders throughout the world (1 Pet 2:9).  To proclaim also means to make known His praises by praising.

According to the Hebrew calendar we have entered the decade of the mouth – the Pey!  It emphasizes the importance of what we speak, declare, and give voice to.  The enemy will do anything in his power to silence or distort your voice so that you cannot release the sound or frequency of heaven.Remember that you create and shape our own spiritual atmosphere, environment and future through your words and whatever you want to see manifest must be released through your voice.  Therefore, death and life are in the power of the tongue…. (Prov 18:21).

Like David with a stone and a slingshot we also can release a new sound from heaven that has never been heard before (1 Sam 17).  We are that generation that God has prepared, trained and equipped for spiritual battle in these last days.  With a stone – Christ the Rock and a slingshot which represents our lives and the grace gift God gave to us through His Spirit we can release a unique individual but more important a corporate sound, to bring down the kingdom of darkness.Sound is a vibration that is released into the atmosphere.  We can measure sound that cannot be seen with an Oscilloscope but equally if not greater than the sound wave itself that cannot be seen, is the spirit in the sound that is propelled and released into the atmosphere.
The moment David took the stone and the slingshot and started to hurl it a sound was released which was but an extension of the sound and authority that he carried within.  Your voice amplifies the God sound that was placed in you the day that you were born again – you carry a unique sound!
Don’t compare yourself with the sound someone else is producing – be faithful to the sound you have to produce!!