Called And Empowered To Be A Witness

Date: 17 July 2022

Speaker: Theo Niemand

One of the most powerful weapons God has given to us as believers in our daily walk in the world, is our testimony. (See Rev 12:11) He has called and empowered us to witnesses to Him from our Jerusalem unto the uttermost parts of the earth. (Acts 1:8)   

Unfortunately, this truth has been misunderstood by many sincere believers within the Church.

Witnessing was mainly seen as a Church program where we reach out to unbelievers once a week to share the gospel and try to persuade them to follow Christ.

But what does it really mean to be a witness for Christ?

Witnessing is not a spare time occupation or a once – a – week activity!  You don’t go witnessing, you are a witness.  Witnessing must become a quality of life – a lifestyle.

Witnessing is to put God’s Name, Nature, and Character on display and to be an example to others in everyday life situations (Matt 5:13-16)

Jesus is our greatest example of what it means to be a witness – in fact, He is called the True and Faithful Witness in the book of Revelation. (Rev 3:14)

Let us emulate His example and follow in His footsteps because:

“If your walk does not convince them, your talk will confuse them!”