A Living Sacrifice

Date: 31 July 2022

Speaker: Riaan Sinden

Taking a look at sacrifices in the Old Testament we see that God always demanded the sacrifice to be a first fruit unto Him and that the sacrifice must be without blemish. Exodus 13:1-2 and Leviticus 23:12 are two of the many scriptures that make mention of this.

The apostle Paul, in Romans 12:1 literally beg of the church to present their bodies a Living Sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God. For us to be a living sacrifice we must give God the first fruit of our lives and a life lived without blemish.

This is a life completely surrendered to God.

A life where nothing else will get more of our time, more of our effort, more of our adoration, more of our praise or more of our sacrifice, than God.