Steve Swart Visit

In the light of all the current shakings and uncertainties in political circles in our nation, we sensed that it could be helpful to hear what is the vision of the ACDP. After a very interesting conversation with Steve Swart, who is a member of Parliament of the ACDP in Cape Town, I invited him […]

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The Messages brought by John Alley 5-7 October 2018

It was a great privilege and blessing to have John Alley and his wife Hazel from Australia with us this past weekend. John is the Senior Minister of Peace Christian Community in Rockhampton. Listening to these vital messages will shed more light on how the Church should migrate from being institutional to being relational […]

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John Alley is visiting 5 – 7 Oct 2018

John is the Senior Minister of Peace Christian Community in Rockhampton and has a strong call to pioneer apostolic ministry. John loves to encourage other apostles, pastors and churches, and there are many young and old, Asian and Australian, who look to John as a spiritual father. The Lord has given him vital messages for […]

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Book Recommendation – Apocalypse (The Mystery Revealed)

A.W.Tozer, a well-known theologian, once made this evaluation: “Christianity is so watered down…if it were poison, it would not hurt anyone, and if it were medicine, it would not cure anyone!” Surely, a recalibration is needed!

It is clear that there was a special stewardship that was given to the apostle Paul, and that was to […]

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Listen To The Teachings Of Dr. Sam Soleyn

The Word that brother Sam brought, will stimulate anyone to spend more time with God and His Word, to see His pre-existent covenant with man!


So why did God create the heavens and the earth? That demands that we understand that there were things in play before […]

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Bizweni Women’s Day – 2017

The women of Bizweni celebrated women on 9 August 2017 with the theme “He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love – Song of Songs 2:4 (KJV) ”

Here are some photos […]

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Bizweni Reading List: The Screwtape Letters – C.S. Lewis

Reviewed by Justus Swart

‘There is wishful thinking in hell as well as on earth.’

From the start of this wonderfully written satire, we are introduced to two demons who are corresponding on how best to torment and befuddle their new human ‘patient’. The letters are addressed to a young, up-and-coming demon named Wormwood who is eager […]

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Bizweni Playlist: Bethel Music – Have It All

Reviewed by Justus Swart
The latest installment from the Bethel Music team comes to us in the form of Have It All, and it is without a doubt, one of my top 5 favourite worship albums of all time. The album’s 16 tracks offer a great deal of variety and include spontaneous worship moments which give […]

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Bizweni’s Kingdom Congress 2016

Last weekend we celebrated our annual Kingdom Congress with our guest speaker and long standing friend, Alan Scotland. It’s no secret that there are some changes waiting on the horizon for Bizweni Church, and although change is necessary, it is, and will always be, challenging. Navigating the changing seasons, with all its furious currents and […]

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Haven Coffee House Opening Day!

This past Sunday, Haven Coffee House opened its doors for the first time ever to the Bizweni family.

Haven Coffee House has been a long time in the making – after years of talking about it, and countless months of searching for the right people to help us get this project off the ground, things finally […]

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Bizweni Playlist: Hillsong Worship – Open Heaven / River Wild

Reviewed by Justus Swart
Over the past 20 years Hillsong has continued to raise the bar for live recorded worship albums, and 2015’s Open Heaven / River Wild is no exception. The powerful instrumentation rings out across the auditorium connecting with the 25000 voices, creating a highly charged atmosphere of worship and praise. The distance between […]

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Bizweni Reading List: Stanley Hauerwas – Approaching the End

Reviewed by Justus Swart
Stanley Hauerwas is without a doubt one of the most influential theologians alive today. His latest book Approaching the End covers a wide range of socio-political issues as presented in the light of his own eschatological convictions. Despite the substantially academic nature of his work, the reader is likely to make a […]

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Bizweni Church Celebrates Powerful Women

Last Tuesday (the 9th of August), we celebrated Women’s Day at Bizweni Church. This year, we held an intimate celebration to focus on the women of our house. We used the opportunity to focus on building deeper connections among ourselves, and becoming a stronger more unified group of women.

It was a huge honour to be […]

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Bizweni at the Open Heaven Apostolic Summit in Durban

Last week we returned from the Open Heaven Apostolic Summit hosted in Durban by Dr. Sagie Govender (ABC Ministries) and Neta Du Plessis (Lighthouse Ministries). With the winter months upon us it wasn’t hard to convince a few of our number to join us for this year’s conference.

The conference kicked off with a bang on […]

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Boost 2016 – Boost in Review

What is Boost?
Boost is an initiative which is specifically aimed at the further training and equipping of those committed to their walk with Jesus. With different themes for each series, Boost seeks to delve deeper into the given topic with the use of theological reading material and resources. The dialogue-based setting allows for the attendants […]

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Bizweni Reading List: Andy Stanley – The Principle of the Path

Reviewed by Justus Swart
All of us, at some point in our lives, have been told that our time on earth is something of a journey. Some might refer to it as a road, others a path; but suffice it to say that the idea that we are moving from one point to another is essentially […]

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Bizweni Playlist: United Pursuit – Simple Gospel

United Pursuit is a true ensemble, made up of a group of seriously talented singers, instrumentalists and songwriters. If you’re unfamiliar with their sound, their genre is something along the lines of ‘Christian Indie Folk’. The band come from Knoxville, Tennessee, and have been compared to the well-known worship band Bethel Music Ensemble. Originally, the […]

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Boost 2016 – The Cost of Discipleship

What is Boost?
Boost is an initiative which is specifically aimed at the further training and equipping of those committed to their walk with Jesus. With different themes for each series, Boost seeks to delve deeper into the given topic with the use of theological reading material and resources. The dialogue based setting allows for the […]

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Come Visit and Worship With Us

Bizweni Church is situated in the heart of Somerset West, on a beautiful old plot of land dotted with tall oak trees and bordered by a river creek. Geese, owls, squirrels and guinea fowl are frequent visitors to the campus.

The church service takes place in what used to be an old tractor warehouse, originally built […]

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