Depending on God in a Crisis

Series: Kingdom Congress 2016

Sunday am 9th October 2016 – Alan Scotland

(Matt. 10:16); I Sam. 30: 1-20; (John 9:1-2); (Job 1:6-12); (Ps. 23:4); Ps. 27:14; 2 Cor. 12:9; (John 8:59)

I want to speak to you as a church in terms of the most critical phase that you are in, which is in line with what is […]

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The Human Encounter With The Divine Command

God is still on the throne there is absolutely no doubt about it. He has not winded us like robots or clockwork machines. He has given us a free will but He sought to work with us in the most powerful way to transform our thinking and change our direction for the better. He never ever promised that it will be easy. That is why one of the trophies of grace that we have is we are overcomers not victims. A victim-mentality does not belong in the Kingdom. We may have become a victim but then the Lord has turned us into victors. This is the reality of the Kingdom. We are being trained and schooled how to rule whatever the circumstances.
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