What Is True Intimacy?

Series: Intimacy; Relationships; Oneness

Sunday am 21st October 2018 – Kobus Swart

Ps. 37:4; (John 8:44); (Gen. 3:1, 11); (Gen. 1:26); Ps. 133; (Mark 9:7); John 15:12-17;  Matt. 16:13-18, 21-23; (Gen. 4:1, 17, 25 – KJV); Matt. 7:22-23 

‘Intimacy’ is a theme that runs throughout the Bible and is at the heart of a true relationship with God. It […]

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Relationships And The Law Of Love

Series : Relationships; Love

Sunday am 9 September 2018 – Riaan Sinden

2 Tim. 3:1-5 (Amp); (Matt. 8:20); Rom. 8:28; (John 16:15); 1 Cor. 12:4-12, 27-31; (1 Cor. 13); John 3:16; Matt. 22:34-40; (1 John 4:20-21); Rom. 13:8-10; Matt. 5:17, 43-48 (Msg & Amp); (Jas. 1:19); Mark 3:24; Ps. 133 (Passion); John 10:10; Matt. 5:23-24

This word is […]

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Lessons From The Wilderness (Dealing With Anger And Retaliation)

We are moving away from all the religious ideas we had of what spirituality means. The story of David and Goliath highlights the difference between the religious and the spiritual approach – even in warfare. There are two mind-sets; that of religion and that of the spiritual man. Saul brought the heavy armour to protect him from the giant. David tried it on and realized it was not going to work, so he took it off. He went to the stream and picked five smooth stones and he used a little sling shot to kill that Nephilim giant Goliath.
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Remove Those Fig Leaves (The Problem Of Religion In Relationships)

The Kingdom of God expresses itself through relationships; it is not some lofty thing leaving most of God’s people uninformed and disconnected. Relationships are critically important if you are part of the Body of Christ. The Body of Christ should learn to function in the same way the physical body does; not as isolated individuals, institutions or organisations. Until this happens we are going to experience delays in reaching the full potential.
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Covenantal Friendships

Saul initially liked David, but because of David’s popularity, he became jealous and wanted to kill David several times. Saul’s own son Jonathan found a connection with David that was very unique. This covenantal friendship went through unbelievable tests. Jonathan realized that his father hated David. Jonathan had to respect Saul but his heart and soul was connected to David. Jonathan had to protect David from his own father.
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Are Church Members Always Naturally Compatible?

Currently, there are many households or local churches across the earth, who sense that God is saying, “Move on from the old church model and become a kingdom community; from the old church culture into Kingdom culture.” When we say kingdom culture, we include in the definition government and rule, but it starts with a healthy family, where each member is important and each member is functioning. We need to move away from a definition of church being a “nice” group of people as some of it is unreal.
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