Find Your True Identity In The Revealed Word Of God

Series: Kobus and the Sons

Sun am 25 October 2009 – Kobus Swart and some of the sons

Rom. 12:2; Mark 16:20; Luke 2:40, 46, 52; Heb. 5:8; 2 Cor. 3:6; 2 Cor. 3:15-18;

James 1:19-25; John 6:53, 67-68; John 3:3; Luke 10:17-20

Kobus: There is only one key to true transformation and that is the renewal of the mind – not events (Rom. 12:2). Unfortunately many Christians still follow signs. But the significant signs will be the result of impartation of a living proceeding ‘now’ word(Mark 16:20). We must now continue to walk in the ever unfolding experience of Tabernacles, God inhabiting His people. We will have everything and more but it will never become the focus. We will not become gift conscious but we will see the Giver.

Jesus will always be our pattern Son because in Him we will discover who we are. Many of us think that Jesus knew from day one who He was, but Jesus learned obedience by the things He suffered. He submitted to His parents. Jesus studied the Scriptures about Himself; He asked questions, He learned about Himself in the Word. How will we find out who we really are? Find your identity in the Word, in the Scriptures; especially now with God’s grace carriers enlightening the Scriptures and helping you to understand who you are. If we follow that pattern, the rest will come.  Like Jesus, grow in wisdom; grow in stature. Look into the mirror of the Living Word and find yourself. Giftedness will not save you nor change your character. It is by the Word of the Lord written on your hearts. The letter kills but the Spirit gives life. If you love the Word, life will be an unfolding experience in His presence. If you want to taste the glory of God become doers of the word. Take the Word seriously. The glory of God is linked to His word (2 Cor. 3:15-18). In humility receive the Word implanted; it’s like the grafting of a branch into a plant. That is what happens when you receive the Word by impartation. Prove yourselves to be doers and not just hearers(James 1:19-25). You will find out who you are when you look into the mirror of His (revealed proceeding) Word. If you want to taste of the Lord’s glory, be doers of the Word. The glory of God is linked to His Word.

Gert: God told Moses to build a sanctuary according to the pattern that He would show him. He showed him a pattern of the sanctuary in heaven and the material He used was His glory. The people then brought contributions of gold and silver. God is not looking for a sanctuary made of that anymore. God is looking for another sanctuary and that should also be made according to a pattern. What is the pattern that God is going to use on earth? The word theologically used for ‘a pattern’ is ‘the will of God’. The will of God cannot be described in human words, it has no description whatsoever, except that He said, “Come and walk with Me.” That is God’s presence for a human being to fulfil the destiny that he has on earth. If he walks with God every step of his life, then he is fulfilling the will of God for his life.

Daniel: If you look at curried fish, you put the fish in the curry and you let it soak so that the flavour of the curry permeates the fish. We need to soak in the Word that God speaks in this house so that when people partake of us they taste and experience the Word. When you speak, you speak as an oracle of God.

Suzanne: A Word from God was decreed into the earth during the Feast and we must recognize that. We all want God’s glory, God’s presence, but until we have the pattern ready and right, it will not happen. There are not a lot of different patterns, God has one pattern and He will confirm that to us through the father He has placed in this house.

Abraham: The Lord was with Samuel as he was growing up (1 Sam.3:19-21). God let none of his words fall to the ground. There is a calling for us to grow up, for a place that we call maturity. The quicker we recognize the Christ in each other, the quicker the full stature of the Son will arise all over this planet earth. The Lord appeared to Samuel at Shiloh through His Word. In the feast the Lord did in fact appear to us. We must keep in mind that in this season it is not a visitation, it is a habitation. God is looking for permanence, a place where He can dwell. We must allow His word to become our word.

Sam: Jesus said, “I only do what I see my Father do.” He and the Father were one. When Jesus was born, they said a baby was born, but when He was baptized God said, “this is My Son.” Growth has taken place; the baby has become a Son. We must become skilled in the doctrine of righteousness. God does not need any more sacrifices; God needs our obedience to the pattern He has given us.

Edwin: The scenery that we saw a couple of weeks ago is not the same anymore. We are standing at the dawn of a new season in God. God wants to possess us. There is a pattern that God wants to see in His Body and in His Church that is so crucial.

Adriaan: God is serious about tabernacling with His sons. The apostolic authority is opening up in the earth to declare His full stature. We must be serious with what has been brought to us, not only in trying to find the pattern or establish the pattern, but in obedience to live that pattern (example of Noah). Finding, acknowledging and understanding the pattern is one thing, but more important is then being obedient day after day to that pattern. Walk with God in obedience. The Feast of Tabernacles is an unfolding realisation that God is building according to His pattern, the Son that must manifest so that His Son, now sitting at the right hand, can come and unite as the Head with the body. Then God the Father can once again declare,” This is my Son.”