A Prophetic Declaration Of The Risen Christ

Series: Visiting Speakers

Sun am 24 April 2011 – Leon du Toit

Rom 1:5; Hos 6:2; Rom 4:25

The Word became flesh; the eternal Logos – in whom and through whom all were created. Our creator God became like us, to live in a human body; to reveal nothing of the Adam nature, but the Truth – the revelation of the glory that belonged to man. Because of sin, we fell short of the glory of God. The Lamb of God, that takes away the sins of the world, so that humanity can be restored – to be what His Son is. One died for all, therefore all died, and in Him all were raised. His Father could raise Him up because humanity was redeemed, reconciled – through that once and for all sacrifice. We no longer see any person according to the flesh.

Faith comes by hearing and the just shall live by faith. We need to live constantly by the faith of the Son of God. Everything around us will contradict that life. As He is so are we. In Him we live and move and have our being. It’s so important for our words to be sanctified. We no longer speak mixed language – because we can speak what we hear. We are not corrupted by what we see. We do not agree with the voices we hear, because there’s another voice, “And My sheep hear My voice.” It’s very important for us to speak with that voice; because even the lost sheep have got the ability to hear the voice. There’s immediate recognition when a lost sheep hears the voice of their Shepherd, who gave His life for that person. ‘The Lord is my Shepherd.’ He gave His life while we were all going our own way. Father revealed His love for His lost sons and daughters.

Satan has been exposed as a thief. He has got no right to a single person in this world. His only strategy is deception. And the only answer to deception is the Truth. The Holy Spirit equips us with the Truth. He has delivered us from the selfish life. He’s brought us to know the love of the One who gave His life for all. His grace far surpasses our own needs and is sufficient to equip us to be living apostles, ‘We have received grace and apostleship’ to fulfill the great commission ‘to bring about the obedience of faith amongst all the nations, for His name’s sake.’ (Rom 1:5)

No man could be justified by trying to obey the Law, but by the faith of the Son of God. Just as He is so are we; totally accepted in the Beloved. We see whatever God commissions us to do as a privilege, because then it becomes a joy; or else it can become a burden. What a privilege to be led by the Spirit of God; to be in His presence, to see Him face to face. A child knows when love is real; they know when what you say is the truth. Theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Christ is risen, and He’s visible.

Love brings healing; total restoration. The success of what God has accomplished through His Son is proof to the world – His new creation is a reality in the earth. Let Your Kingdom come, let Your will be done, on the earth as it is in Heaven.

The Kingdom of unrighteousness will never be conquered just by criticizing it, or trying to oppose it. The Kingdom of God is the weapons of righteousness. It’s not the flesh weapon. It’s a revelation of the Truth that shatters the lie. It is the risen Christ that becomes manifest. We no longer need to expect Him to come for a certain elect few. He came to die for all. He doesn’t want any to perish. The Holy Spirit has come to shed abroad the love of God into our hearts; and that love is not only love for God, it is love of God – for the lost. While we were lost, God loved us – as much as he loves us now; for all eternity. We no longer see the darkness; we see light. The Word is near you, in your hearts. Let us not continue to target the minds of people. His Truth is Spirit. His Word is Spirit and Life. Every person is Spirit-compatible. The Spirit of God reveals the good news truth to every person in a moment. Christ in us is the answer of Almighty God for every person. Every promise was fulfilled in the One that became flesh. God became Emmanuel.

The Holy Spirit still had to come to indwell people on the earth, to empower believers so Christ could live in your hearts by faith; destined to sonship, to be conformed to His image, through the powerful Spirit of God. “He will revive us after two days; He will raise us up on the third day That we may live before Him.” (Hos 6:2)

We will never again think of man in terms of being distanced from the Lord; but the revelation of inclusion in Christ will change our opinion, our mind, our words, our thoughts and actions – towards every person that we meet.

God’s purpose will be accomplished in us and through us; His name will be glorified on the earth. There will be a dynamic revelation experience for us, in us and through us – of the risen Christ, the One who has conquered sin, death and Satan.

He is alive in us, for the sake of salvation – practically, in this world. You will receive power; we are no longer waiting for Pentecost. Every promise has been fulfilled. The fullness of time has come. Therefore we no longer live for ourselves; we live for Him who died for us and was raised. Nobody took the life of Christ – He gave His life on behalf of humanity, to make it possible for man to be restored. What does it mean, to ‘restore’? Something was beautiful, but it was corrupted. Now it must be restored to its original beauty.

We were created in Christ Jesus before time – according to His image; His likeness. God could never restore the Adam nature; that old nature had to die. When each one of us was crucified with Christ, that old identity could not be saved, or healed, or restored.

It’s a new creation in Christ Jesus. In the resurrection, nothing of the old Adam nature was raised up together with Christ. Nothing of the sin record, nailed to the cross, could be raised up with Christ. Satan will never have any right again, through all eternity, to stand before God and accuse you; because the Son of God paid the penalty.  ‘He who was delivered up because of our transgressions, and was raised because of our justification.’ (Rom 4:25). In the death of Christ, we were justified. Father raised Him up; we are a new creation. The knowledge of the Truth sets us free.