Surprised by Joy - C.S. Lewis

‘The universe rings true wherever you fairly test it’

British author of the popular Chronicles of NarniaI series, C.S. Lewis (1898-1963) has coloured the imagination of many readers, both young and old, for many decades. Merging complex worlds with foundational theological concepts, Lewis has retold the gospel message in a delightfully creative way, making these ancient truths accessible to all. With no end to his creative abilities, Lewis now turns to writing his own story, capturing his journey to faith in God.

In Surprised by Joy, Lewis reveals pockets of his own unrelenting pursuit to discover the true nature of Joy, ultimately leading to an accidental discovery of the God of Christianity. In the richest of detail, Lewis recovers the events of his childhood, which at first, may seem somewhat ordinary. Yet as one reads further, it is revealed that this ordinariness was precisely the pivot on which his thinking was altered. With beautiful clarity, Lewis deconstructs the influence of various events, characters and experiences as they shaped his perspective on his pursuit of joy.

Described by the Sunday Times as ‘the spiritual autobiography for the plain man’, one is introduced to a curious, exceptionally well-read, and respectable man probing the secrets to the universe in this most eloquently crafted spiritual thriller. Anyone deciding to read this book will at once be blessed by the candid sense of humor, honesty, and dedication to detail presented in this wonderful story. Be sure to add this to your reading list today!

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