Velvet Elvis - Rob Bell

As our lockdown stretches into its fourth week, one can take an odd sort of comfort in knowing that the certainty of uncertainty is a universally shared sentiment at the moment. With a myriad of concerns and worries beckoning from every direction, it becomes increasingly important for us to find the time for us to allow our imagination to breathe.

With no shortage of time for reading, I’ve been able to reach back into the backlog of books I have been meaning to read over the last number of years, starting with Velvet Elvis. Author Rob Bell, who was spotlighted for his controversial views in his earlier work Love Wins, was, apparently, not quite finished stirring up the hornet’s nest. In this book, Bell launches his attempt at ‘Repainting the Christian Faith’, no small task by any measure.

Reaching the end of this book however, I couldn’t help but ask myself if all the negative press he received was justified. From start to finish, each page, in my estimation, was littered with poignant questions, real stories about real people, as well as the raw, unfiltered experiences of a pastor searching for God. Boasting a solid grasp of historic rabinical culture, Bell brings to light new dimensions to Scriptures we’ve all heard a thousand times before, and applies them to questions we’ve all asked a million times.

With pinpoint accuracy, Bell asks questions which ultimately demystifies the idea of spirituality which, for some, may have previously seemed totally unattainable and distant. This book is for anyone and everyone who has ever felt like they needed a place to explore new levels of belief, a place to see things from a new perspective, and a place to ask the dangerous questions. Make sure you add this to your lockdown reading list today!

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