Tearing Down The Greatest Stronghold Erected In Our Minds!

Date: 15 November 2020

Speaker: Kobus Swart

Series: Renewal Of The Mind

It is now more than 2000 years after Jesus uttered the Words “IT IS FINISHED!” on the Cross, just before He died…  Do we fully grasp the Truth about these words – and that He was the LAST Adam? God reconciled us (humanity) to Himself through Christ, not counting our trespasses against us! Can we see how important it is to be renewed in the spirit of our mind? As a man thinks in his heart (sub-conscious mind), so is he. In the current shift that is happening in the world, nothing can be more important than to set our mind on throne-room realities, and not on the things of this world.  The KEY…?  REPENTANCE! A radical mind shift is needed – co-knowing with God; discovering our TRUE IDENTITY. (My second Scripture in the beginning was from the VOICE translation – not the Passion Translation).