TOWARDS INCARNATIONAL CHRISTIANITY (Watch your thought vibrations!)

Date: 31 January 2021

Speaker: Kobus Swart

Series: The Kingdom of God

Isn’t it amazing to see how many people – including Christians – are waiting and looking for predictions and signs about the future? Yes, in ancient times God spoke to the fathers in the prophets, but in these last days the fulfilment finally dawned in sonship. Even Jesus was grilled by the Pharisees on when the kingdom of God would come. Look at Jesus’ answer: “The kingdom of God doesn’t come by counting the days on the calendar.” (MSG translation). He continues…”the kingdom of God is within you!” (Luke 17:20-21). What vibration should come out of us? The kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. As it is in heaven, so it must be on earth. Therefore – especially in these tumultuous days – we must guard our thoughts. The frequency of LOVE and GRATITUDE will cast out fear! Let’s realign our thoughts with the Truth of the FINISHED WORKS of Jesus on the Cross, and we will experience rivers of living water flowing from our innermost being!