Kingdom Kids - Find The Joy

Dear Parents

One of the most significant ways that we can sow into the Kingdom of God, is by sowing the Kingdom into the hearts of our children. This does not happen through structured theological teachings and rote memorization of scriptures but through the beautiful collision of Word and personal experience. 

In times like these, we and our children have seemingly many reasons not to be joyful and perhaps we have allowed ourselves to veer off the path of Christ-filled joy because our eyes and ears have been fixed on all that is happening around us.

Be encouraged and do not fear! Kingdom Kids is sending you and your children on an adventure to Find the Joy again. This adventure has been very personal to my children and I in this time and the phrase “Find the Joy” has become a regularly used one in our household. Whenever we feel frustrated with situations that are beyond our control and we react negatively, then we gently remind one another to “Find the Joy” and together we shift our focus and look for the good in the situation, and then thank God for that good.

“The happiest of people don’t necessarily have the best of everything, but they make the best of everything.” – Unknown.

If we are able to renew our minds and bring our thoughts regularly to a place of praise, despite our circumstances, then we begin to personally experience the Word alive in us.

We belong to the Kingdom of Light and we are sons of Christ. We have the Holy Spirit inside of us to help us and guide us in all we do. The world is going through some pretty tough stuff, but we can rise above that, and, because we have the Holy Spirit inside of us, we can “Find the Joy” within this time in all kinds of ways.

Here are just some examples:

  • Spot a colour: Every day, choose a colour and every time you spot that colour, you have to thank God for something.
  • Listen for sounds: Sit together for 10 minutes a day and make notes of every single sound that you can hear. Thank God for His creativity.
  • Autumn leaves: Look for 1 beautifully coloured leaf every day and write on it what you’re thankful for that day. Then throw the leaf down again and see if you spot it a few days later.
  • Weekly activity: Check out our weekly activity designed to focus on ‘looking’ and ‘finding’ something, and adapt it to suit your own family. You can print our templates if you want or you could design your own to prepare and set up prior to starting. The choice is yours. (Printed copies will be available at church once services resume).

The most important thing is for us to continue reminding each other to “Find the Joy” and be thankful and praise God in all situations, because He is worthy of our praise always, because He is Good, always.

May you have fun discovering the Lord as our Treasure with your children.

Much love

Teacher Sam and the Kingdom Kids Team